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TheFiesta.com is dedicated to breathing new life into the Mk1 and Mk2 Ford Fiesta. Articles on the site include site projects, members projects and featured cars as well as guides and articles about modifications and improvements. There is also a forum for members to communicate with each other and discuss various aspects of their vehicles.

The new purpose of the site is to promote the enthusiast's following which the Fiesta has and try to shake off at least some of the "boy-racer" image it has been tarred with over the years. This site is now dedicated to raising the profile of the various projects that people are doing, along with featuring completed cars so that the world can see the true following of genuine enthusiasts that this small car has captured the hearts of.

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January 2008:

This site has now been put into archive status. All current content will remain as is and it is unlikely that any new content will be added.

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